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Medical and Scientific Transcription

Secure Audio Transcription for Medical and Scientific Professionals

With a team of experienced transcribers drawn from a medical or scientific background, our first class service ticks all the boxes – fast, accurate, confidential and technically correct.

We transcribe a wide range of data from the medical and scientific fields, from large-scale events and conferences on the latest scientific innovations, to Zoom/Skype board meetings with participants in multiple countries, right through to highly confidential one-on-one interviews between medical professionals and their patients on sensitive issues.

Some of our regular clients are mobile doctors and social workers who often dictate complex reports. Our workflow system enables us to securely save different report templates and usual phrases on the workflow system so that these can be accessed as soon as a new audio file is uploaded. This means that templates and instructions don't have to be re-supplied by our clients each time a new audio file is uploaded for transcription. 

For our regular clients, we invoice on a monthly basis to keep admin and paperwork to a minimum. We never need to be notified when a file is coming our way. This is a seamless system whereby our regular clients can upload an audio file in a single step and will receive a notification from us as soon as the transcript is complete. Easy, secure and fast.   

To meet the needs of this sector, we work around the clock. Our workflow technology allows clients to upload files 24/7, and to log in to check the status of transcripts or to download them at any time. Work is allocated only to select transcribers whose expertise matches the requirements of our clients, and we have a stringent approach to both client confidentiality and quality control.

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