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Closed Captioning Services

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At All Typed Up, we understand the importance of the smallest detail. We understand that the purpose of closed captioning is to replace sound in its entirety where it is unavailable or inaudible, for instance where the volume is muted or the viewer is hard of hearing. We work to ensure the viewing experience is equal where there is no sound or insufficient sound through the creation of accurate and sufficiently detailed closed captions.

Sometimes referred to as subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH), we understand that closed captioning is often for broadcast legal compliance, and can work with you to ensure your media is fully compliant. We are aware that different platforms have different timed template guidelines. We provide a flexible service and clients are welcome to input into text placement and colour contrasting to suit your needs wherever required.

We know that the media world is fast-paced and that turnaround times can be very tight. We aim to make the process of closed captioning as straightforward as possible. We work across multiple output forms, adding captions that are directly synced to your media as well as providing text and data versions as required. Our team is UK-based, highly experienced and matched to your sector, industry or subject matter. 

Clients also benefit from secure file transfer which is available 24/7, a dedicated client login area and a two-tier quality control check. File transfer is via our highly secure workflow system and all work undertaken comes with our full quality guarantee for complete peace of mind.

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