Our Transcription Services

Trusted, Experienced Transcribers Allocated to your Account Based on Experience and Knowledge of your Specific Sector

All the latest in technology combined with good, old-fashioned customer service.

With ten years of experience, we have tried and tested systems and processes and have a proven track record in transcription services. We have a wide range of clients across the country spanning the full spectrum of sectors, from academic, medical, property, financial, market research and more. We regularly transcribe:-

  • Depth interviews, research interviews and focus groups
  • Internal meetings, board meetings, personnel and legal/financial meetings 
  • External meetings, webinars, Zoom meetings and Skype meetings
  • AGMs, Conferences, Q&As and large-scale multi-speaker events
  • One-person dictation including letters, property valuations, medical reports and witness statements etc.

We have standard transcription templates you can choose from, we can create bespoke templates for your project or we can use any template that you provide. There is a range of transcription styles you can choose from with different levels of detail, so we can capture as little or as much detail as you require to suit the objectives of your transcription project. 

Here's what you can expect from All Typed Up:-

Our workflow system is fully GDPR compliant. It is tailored to our transcription business and is automated at every stage of the process. This means we are in control of the transcription process from inception to completion. It means we never miss a deadline and files are transcribed on correct templates with the right level of detail. Once transcripts are completed and returned to our clients, files are automatically destroyed in line with our data protection policy.

You can securely upload your files with just a few clicks, any time of the day or night. We have a dedicated team of experienced transcribers, drawn from a wide range of sectors, ready to start transcribing.

Still have questions? See our step-by-step guide to the transcription process or contact us at any time. We're here to help!

File transfer is fast and easy via our streamlined workflow software. It is a secure, one-step process and you can be assured the software is fully GDPR compliant. All you need to provide us with at the time of upload is:-

  • Your email address
  • Your deadline
  • Your file(s)

We have a team of transcribers who are matched to your industry or service sector at the ready to get started as soon as you upload your files.

Any additional files you upload at a later date will automatically be linked, so if you're working on a project with phased interviews, you can upload each interview as soon as it's completed. This means all your files will be linked together for you to easily and securely access in your own client login area and can be invoiced together for ease of project management.

Once your files are uploaded, you can log in to your own secure client portal to see the status of your files sent to us for transcription. The portal provides a useful back up for your important files and it is available for you to access 24/7. 

In order to ensure seamless project management for our clients, we are able to provide multiple access logins to a secure client portal area for projects where there are multiple collaborators.

At All Typed Up, we recruit only the best transcribers. Each member of the team must not only demonstrate accurate transcription, but must display highest levels of grammar and punctuation, an excellent grasp of the English language and a large, wide-ranging vocabulary. 

The strength, experience and background of each transcribers is recorded and categorised on our workflow system. Transcribers are then automatically paired to the relevant sectors of our clients. 

What this means is that your transcripts will be always be completed by a transcriber with experience in your sector or project area for highest quality transcription.

We are confident in our ability to produce accurate transcriptions. Each and every piece of work we undertake comes with a full guarantee.

We work with the best transcribers who are experienced in their field with excellent attention to detail and a great command of the English language. Each media file is transcribed and then fully proofread for a two-tier quality assurance process that is built into our client workflow system.

We care about delivering highest quality. Our remit is to work with you to the very end, making all reasonable adjustments to any document free of charge. If, for any reason, you feel we have not met your brief and you are dissatisfied with our transcription service, you will not be charged for any work carried out, or we will provide you with a full credit for any work already billed.

We offer this guarantee in order to provide clients with complete peace of mind.

We are aware that different clients have different needs, and that different projects often have wildly different deadlines. We have adapted our service provision to allow for every eventuality, from projects with flexible turnaround times right through to priority projects with immediate deadlines. Our streamlined workflow system is available 24/7 at the click of a button. You can log in at any time to check on the status of a transcript, to download a transcript, or to upload a new audio file for our team to get started on. Our pricing structure is set out as clearly and simply as possible to reflect this, allowing clients to choose the deadline that best suits their needs and budget.

As a virtual services provider, we are available 24/7, 365 days a year. So, if you require overnight typing services for the provision of a document the next business morning, or sooner, you can rely on All Typed Up to ensure we meet your deadline, every time.

We take client confidentiality very seriously and have strict procedures and policies in place to ensure security and confidentiality at all times. We are aware of the stringent requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018 and have taken steps to ensure ongoing compliance.

We know how important security and confidentiality can be to clients, especially where there is sensitive medical or commercial data, or instances where popular TV programmes awaiting broadcast are to be uploaded. 

Have specific questions? See our security and confidentiality processes and procedures for all the technical details. 

We value our client relationships and believe in good old-fashioned client service. Clear workflow and communication is built into our every day client care procedures.  

We are there to help you through every stage of the transcription process. We are available 24/7 for full client support. We can advise on best practice recording techniques to capture your audio files, the right transcription styles to suit your commercial needs or the process of uploading and transferring your files to us for transcription. We have a streamlined workflow system with secure client access so you can login at any time to check on the progress of your transcripts. In summary, we are here to help! You can contact us at any time to assist with any query. 

We have advanced automatic noise reduction and voice optimisation technology built into our client workflow software. This sound engineering solution works to enhance or remove specific frequencies in audio files, enabling us to work with even the most difficult of audio files. We can tune in to specific speakers above interfering background noises to produce best quality transcripts. 

This is particularly important for focus groups, workshops, large events, conferences, AGM’s and meetings etc., where background noise is part and parcel of the process.

This is not something you need to request. If we feel your transcript would benefit from enhanced or optimised audio, we can simply apply this from our workflow software. 

We will always go the extra mile to get the best possible transcripts from even the most challenging audio files.

Enough about us. Want to know how we can help you?