Conference and Event Transcription

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From round-table discussions through to presentations and high-profile AGMs, for teleconferences or webinars and Zoom conferences, we are your transcription services supplier of first choice.

We produce accurate transcriptions, detailing each and every word of the presenter or speaker as well as intelligent summaries of events for quick output to delegates, journalists and stakeholders.

We have transcribed week-long events capturing the presentations of expert speakers and their question and answer sessions. We have transcribed political  and other conferences where delegates have interjected and changed the course of the topic. We have also transcribed online presentations via Zoom and Skype and other video platforms. We have transcribed conferences in the UK and in Europe where there are stronger accents and speakers for whom English is their second or third language.

We have worked to incredibly short deadlines in order to submit transcripts only hours after an event or presentation has taken place. 

Clients benefit from our immediate and secure upload facility, our streamlined workflow system and our strict confidentiality policies. We can work to whatever format your business requires, taking this additional administrative task away from you so you can focus on your business objectives.


We have state of the art sound engineering technology, allowing us to cancel out any unforeseen background noise or to enhance the vocal frequencies of each speaker so that all your important messages are retained.


All client work is overseen by Victoria Siddoway who has 25 years' experience in marketing communications including the management of corporate events. Transcripts will always retain the strategic context and key messages of your conference or event, making All Typed Up your first choice in event transcription for maximum commercial advantage.

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