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Subtitling Services

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At All Typed Up, we pride ourselves on delivering first class subtitling services to production companies, advertisers and broadcasters.

We know that clients are under pressure to delivery high quality content to fast turnarounds and we are here to help. We work to your deadline, whether on schedule or at the last minute with limited turnaround time. We have a team of experienced captioners who work around the clock ready to meet your needs. 

The word 'subtitling' is often broadly applied to all media-to-text applications. However, there is a difference. Subtitling (as opposed to open and closed captioning) focuses on primarily capturing conversations or verbal aspects of a multimedia file. It's purpose is less likely to be legislative and more likely to provide an added value service or additional viewing means for those viewers who may not be hard of hearing, but who prefer to see the dialogue in text format on the screen so that nothing is missed. It can be useful for YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and other media videos, however, most of the time we recommend our open captioning services for YouTube and multimedia video subtitling.

It can also be useful for subtitling online or e-learning modules where you want to reinforce the message. However, if you require your broadcast accessibility compliance, you might find that you prefer our closed captioning services.

We pride ourselves on being highly accurate and delivering subtitles that are perfectly timed and expertly formatted. We can output in multiple formats , in .srt and other formats, or synced and burnt directly to your media file.

At All Typed Up, we go the extra mile. We work with you through multiple edits, if required, in order to accurately reflect the content of your media. Our team is UK-based, highly experienced, and matched to your sector, industry or project subject matter.  In addition to highest quality standards, clients benefit from secure file transfer, a dedicated client login area and a two-tier quality control check. We also offer a full client guarantee for complete peace of mind.

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