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Legal Transcription

Secure Audio Transcription for the Legal Sector

We transcribe a wide range of legal documents, being relied upon as an extra secretarial resource for law firms when their own team is diminished or at overcapacity.

Accuracy and confidentiality are our priorities when it comes to legal transcription. We have a secure client workflow system whereby only transcribers with significant experience in the legal field are matched to clients within the legal sector. This means we are immediately familiar with the wide range of legal terminology and proceedings. We know that full verbatim transcription is often required, with close attention to detail in order to capture every stutter, pause and false start, and our two-tier quality control process ensures that nothing is missed.

We are increasingly relied upon as an additional secretarial resource by clients. Taking advantage of our secure file transfer, clients can upload their dictation of reports, letters, witness statements, legal contracts and other documents. Company templates are stored against each client account along with regular instructions so that this information doesn't have to be repeatedly provided. This way, we are acting as the perfect additional secretarial resource where there is an overflow in work or instances of staff shortages. 

For our regular clients, our workflow system enables us to securely save different transcript or report templates and usual phrases on the workflow system so that these can be accessed as soon as a new audio file is uploaded. This means that templates and instructions don't have to be re-supplied by our clients each time a new audio file is uploaded for transcription. We never need to be notified when a file is coming our way. This is a seamless system whereby our regular clients can upload an audio file in a single step and will receive a notification from us as soon as the transcript is complete. Easy, secure and fast.  We even invoice on a monthly basis to keep admin and paperwork to a minimum. 

Clients also benefit from our immediate and secure upload facility, our streamlined workflow system and our strict confidentiality policies. 

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