Academic Transcription

First-Class Audio Transcription Services for Academic Research

From depth interviews to focus groups and with discounted rates for Universities, All Typed Up is your first choice for transcription for academic research.

We work with universities and higher education organisations across the UK and across the full range of academic disciplines, at both undergraduate and post-graduate level. From years of experience in the education sector, we have developed a bespoke semi-verbatim style of transcription that captures just the right level of detail required in most academic studies. Of course, we can, and do, regularly adapt our transcripts to our clients needs, providing more or less detail, exactly as required.

We regularly transcribe depth interviews, lectures, field research notes and both small and large focus groups. We are already set up as preferred suppliers for many universities. 

Academics can be assured by our GDPR compliance and our stringent confidentiality and security policies. We understand the need for identities to be anonymised and are very happy to comply with any such instructions. We can work with you to ensure you meet any potential requirements in terms of confidentiality and ethical standards.

We understand that interviews and focus groups can occur in bursts or phases over time. We are happy for you to upload one interview at a time or multiple interviews for transcription. You can add files as you gather more data and these will be automatically matched to your account. We usually invoice on project completion but can invoice any time on request to meet your financing requirements. We understand that cost is important in terms of controlling and maximising funding budgets. We charge by the number of minutes transcribed so you can forecast your budget exactly, and and we are pleased to offer significant student discounts. 

For educational organisations, we acknowledge that there is increasing pressure to ensure accessibility, giving consideration to flexible teaching and learning, equality and diversity. We provide an after-the-event lecture transcription or captioning service, and also work with individual students to provide field and other notes made verbally by students into an easy-to-read text format.

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