Market Research Transcription


We are specialists in the transcription of focus groups, workshops and in-depth interviews. This sector represents a large percentage of our business, and we work with market research companies across the UK.

We understand the importance of accuracy, client confidentiality, and of course, super fast turnaround times.


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We can produce a range of different transcripts and tailor these to suit our clients’ needs, from detailed word-for-word transcripts through to succinct reports that can immediately be distributed to the relevant stakeholders. In all cases, attention to detail is paramount, so that data can be accurately analysed and quotes can be extracted.

We know that there can be challenges in recording multiple speakers in one room, where it can be difficult for microphones to pick up quieter voices or participants positioned further away, and where cross talk is inevitable. We have voice optimisation software which enhances vocal frequencies, eliminating background noises to ensure we can produce the best possible transcripts from your audio files.