Legal Transcription

We transcribe a wide range of legal documents, being relied upon as an extra secretarial resource for law firms when their own team is diminished or at overcapacity, as well as transcribing internal disciplinary or other confidential meetings for clients.

Secure Legal Transcriptions

Accuracy and confidentiality are our priorities when it comes to legal transcription. We have a secure client workflow system whereby only transcribers with significant experience in the legal field are matched to clients within the legal sector. This means we are immediately familiar with the wide range of legal terminology and proceedings. We know that full verbatim transcription is often required, with close attention to detail in order to capture every stutter, pause and false start, and our two-tier quality control process ensures that nothing is missed.

In addition to legal transcription, we are also often relied upon by legal teams for our formatting expertise, taking long and often complex, multi-tiered legal contracts and re-formatting them to ensure they are laid out logically and as user-friendly as possible, and therefore easier for their own legal team to edit and adapt moving forwards.

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