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Transcription Services

"I ask clients what they expect from transcription services suppliers, and the answer is always threefold: accuracy, confidentiality and fast, easy file transfer."

Victoria Siddoway, All Typed Up

You can rely on trusted, experienced transcriptionists allocated to your account based on their experience and knowledge of your specific sector. 

We regularly transcribe:-

Personal account management

Each client account is personally managed by business owner, Victoria Siddoway, with over 15 years of experience in corporate communications and event management across a range of sectors. Your work is always fully proofread before return to you.

Full client support service

We value our client relationships and communicate at every stage of the transcription process. We believe in good old-fashioned client service. Clear workflow and communication is built into our every day client care procedures. We take client confidentiality very seriously and set in place procedures to ensure client confidentiality at all times.

We set out clear and transparent rates with no hidden costs and we are available 24/7 for full client support. We can advise on best practice recording techniques to capture your audio files, transcription styles to suit your commercial needs or the process of uploading and transferring your files to us for transcription. We are there to help you through any stage of the transcription process.

First class audio technology

We have continuous access to top of the range audio engineering software to enhance or remove certain frequencies in audio recordings. This enables us to work with even the most difficult of audio files. We can also tune in to specific speakers above interfering background noises to produce perfect event and teleconference transcriptions. We are event and conference transcription specialists.

Fast and easy file transfer

File transfer is fast and easy. Simply provide your email address and we will send you a link to a secure folder where you can upload your files. Be sure to advise us of your deadline and any further information. Your files are typed as per any instructions supplied and returned by email, post or uploaded back to the secure, shared folder, according to your own specification. We can hand deliver on request.

Client guarantee

We are confident in our ability to produce accurate transcriptions. Each and every piece of work we undertake comes with a full guarantee.