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Tele Conference Transcription

"My background in corporate communications means that I am trusted by my clients for perfect transcription services for maximum commercial potential."

Victoria Siddoway, All Typed Up

Getting the most out of your event transcription
Whether you are considering a conference, presentation or a multi-day event – large or small – you should ensure from the very onset that you have considered the full commercial potential of your event.

Event transcriptions are an asset to be considered. We are aware, with the many different communication platforms around at the moment, that knowledge sharing is valued. Your event transcription can be:-

○        A saleable product, available on your website or through third party sites.
○        Distributed to delegates post-event at an additional fee or as added value
○        Distributed internally for internal knowledge sharing
○        Distributed to journalists for publication
○        Published on your website, or as a blog, to add to your online content for search engine indexing
We take your event transcription seriously, viewing it as a saleable asset from the onset. All event transcriptions are carried out by business owner, Victoria Siddoway, with a background in corporate communications. I am trusted by my clients to produce perfect transcriptions for maximum commercial potential.

Teleconferences and webinars
Whether you have recorded your own teleconference or webinar for transcription, or you would like us to record important telephone events on your behalf, we are your transcription services supplier of first choice.

Our state of the art sound engineering technology allows us to cancel out any unforeseen background noise and to enhance the frequencies of each speaker so that all your important messages are retained.

All teleconference and webinar transcriptions are carried out by owner, Victoria Siddoway, who has 15 years of experience in corporate communications management including the management of multiple high profile corporate events. This means that transcriptions will always be constructed with your strategic context, continuity and key messages in mind.