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Pricing Policy

"We provide clear and transparent pricing so our clients can control their costs."

Victoria Siddoway,  All Typed Up

We ensure costs for our transcription services are clear and transparent. All costs are calculated per audio minute so you will always know from the onset how much your transcriptions will cost. VAT is not applicable. For our standard service, turnaround time is less than 10 days, and we often exceed delivery times. For our priority service, turnaround time is usually 12 to 72 hours. Simpy state your deadline.

You can securely upload your audio files at any time. 

We are happy to provide fifteen minutes of free transcription for all new, UK-based clients. We work with universities around the UK and offer research students a 15% discount off our standard rates on production of student ID card.

Prices quoted are per audio minute and no administration or other fees are applicable.

Transcription services
Digital recordings                                              

Interview transcription services                 
Two speakers                                                   

Focus group transcription services Standard Priority 
Three to five speakers                                      £1.10           £1.15         
Six to eight speakers£1.15£1.20
Nine plus speakers£1.20£1.25

Typing services Standard Priority 
Per 1,000 words                                                £9.00           £10.50       

We provide excellent discounts for high volume work, for regular clients and for students. Please call. We would be happy to discuss how we can meet your budget. 

Event and conference transcriptions

For standard event transcription you can use the rates above as a general guide, however, prices will vary depending on your specific event. For summarised transcriptions of your event for blogs or delegate packs etc, and for multi-day or multi-speaker events, or for attendance at your event to record the audio, please also call us for a quote. We are also happy to provide a quotation on a full event management service on request.

Complex document formatting

Document formatting services are charged at £1.00 per page (minimum of 75 pages). For part formatting or troubleshooting a document, we work at standard hourly rate of £17, and will always be happy to provide a full quote in advance. We have worked on hundreds of thesis and dissertation submissions, for a universities across the country. Turnaround time is typically 10 days. Please add 30% for same week turnaround and add 50% for 48 or 24 hour turnaround. 

The fine print - Where additional charges are applicable, this will always be in consultation with the  client. For all transcriptions, intelligent verbatim is assumed. Add 20p per audio minute for verbatim or discourse transcription. See transcription styles for more information. Additional charges may be applicable for poor audio quality, heavy accents or illegible written copy, in full consultation with the client. For timecoding, customers will be charged an additional 20p per audio minute. A surcharge of 20p per audio minute is payable for medical transcription. All work is proofread before it is returned. VAT is not applicable. There is a minimum charge of £5.00 (or £75 for full thesis or dissertation formatting). Clients are able to carry out a reasonable number of reviews of work complete with any necessary corrections made by All Typed Up. After that, standard charges apply. In the unlikely event that a type is made by All Typed Up, this will be corrected free of charge. Completed client files are kept for 14 days before being destroyed so client review must take place within this time. If you wish your files to be destroyed within a smaller time frame this can be arranged. Part minutes are rounded up to one minute once they exceed 10 seconds. Prices are subject to change so do contact us for an accurate quote. Paypal payments will incur a 4.5% charge. Students must provide a scanned copy of student ID cards for discounts to apply and payment must be made in advance of work completion if student ID is not provided at the onset. For thesis formatting services, the price includes the captioning of 50 images, graphs and figures etc. Additional items, for instance for scientific documents or documents heavy on images, will incur an additional charge of 50p per item.