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Getting the most out of your event


Whether you are planning a conference, teleconference, webinar, presentation or a multi-day event, large or small, you should ensure from the very onset that you have considered the full commercial potential of your event.

Clients increasingly value knowledge sharing and event transcriptions are an asset. Please consider the many different ways your event transcription can be utilised to your full advantage. Your event transcription can be:-
  • A saleable product, available on your website or through third party sites.
  • Distributed to delegates post-event, either available at an additional charge or provided as added value.
  • Distributed internally for training and knowledge sharing.
  • Distributed to journalists for publication.
  • Published on your website, or as a blog, to enhance your online content for additional search engine indexing.
  • Proof of professional development for CIPD.
Please contact us at any time. We are happy to discuss the many different ways your event transcription can benefit your business.