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Accepted Recording Formats

"We never want to overload our clients with technological jargon. Our clients know they can call us any time to talk through audio recording, file transfer, or any other part of our transcription services in plain English."

Victoria Siddoway, All Typed Up

We can work with any format you could provide for our transcription services including:-

We have the best in modern technology, with professional audio engineering software facilities in-house, so we can eliminate any unwanted background noises, hisses or other interfering frequencies from your transcription files. We can also enhance frequencies where vocals are positioned that may otherwise be too quiet and difficult to hear.

This state of the art audio technology separates us from our competitors and enables us to transcribe large events, conferences, AGM’s and meetings etc where background noise is part and parcel of the process.

We offer a complete client support service. We are happy to talk you through any aspects of the audio recording process, or the process of uploading and transferring your files to us for transcription at any time as part of our service provision.