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Client Confidentiality

We take client confidentiality very seriously and have well-established procedures and policies in place to ensure security and confidentiality at all times. We are aware of the stringent requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018 and have taken steps to ensure ongoing compliance.

Secure File Upload

All Typed Up maintains a secure online platform to which clients can upload data including audio and Word files. All files are automatically encrypted during upload. The workflow system is cloud-based, with a hardware firewall as a first line of defence. The firewall operates independently of its server, contains its own OS, and offers packet inspection, port blocking, and more. It features a HTTPS secure web interface with 256-bit SSL in order to encrypt online transactions and prevent phishing attacks. The server is housed in a secure location with limited access, motion detecting cameras, and earthquake-proof walls. The platform allows for secure encrypted password access and password-protected client downloads for all completed transcripts.

Employee and Sub-Contractor Security Agreements

All Typed Up works with a core team of expert transcribers who are granted only the bare minimum of information required to enable them to fulfil client projects. This is usually limited to client files and instructions and is always excluding the client’s personal details. 

All client files are transferred to team members via the secure workflow system software. Team members are required to sign non-disclosure agreements before undertaking any work, as well as detailed contracts signifying their awareness of and agreement to all of All Typed Up’s security, data protection and privacy policies.

Data Retention Policy

Client files are stored on our system for the life cycle of the project and remain on our system for a maximum of seven working days following project completion, after which time files are permanently destroyed. Clients may request that completed transcripts are retained for a shorter or longer period of time, and file archival services are also available. We also can secure individual files with password protection for additional security.

Audit Trail/ Record Keeping

All activity on the secure client workflow system is fully auditable by All Typed Up. Access to data is strictly controlled through the access level management processes built into the software, as well as by password protection. Transcriber, QA and administrative activity is captured at every stage of the process, providing a complete audit trail so it is possibly to accurately trace document access to the fullest extent.


The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 provides for the protection of copyright subsisting in original works, which automatically belongs to the creator of the work. We confirm we recognise this and will not infringe the copyright of clients or other third parties.

We are also compliant with the Information Commissioner’s Office (UK) which promotes data privacy.

We’re here to help

If you have any concerns about confidentiality, please give us a call. We are happy to talk you through any of our confidentiality policies in more detail or to sign any bespoke client confidentiality documents on request.

"Our client confidentiality policies are tried and tested. We are happy to sign any bespoke client confidentiality documents on request."

Victoria Siddoway,  All Typed Up